How We Work

Spot Coaching Sessions

(1-2 hour regular problem-solving sessions)


This format makes coaching accessible to a wider group of people within a school or Trust. These on-site meetings serve as sounding board / joint problem-solving sessions where coach and coachee work on specific challenges as they occur.

Leadership Coaching

(3-6 months personalised programme)


The programme is for developing and emerging leaders.  It runs across the school year and supports leaders as they build essential school improvement and people leadership skills amidst a dynamic school context. There is a deliberate intention of fostering a practice of awareness, reflection, inquiry, experimentation, and conscious choice. We believe balancing insight and action,  enhancing crucial leadership and collaborative skills are essential to becoming an outstanding school.  The starting point of the programme is the completion of the Leadership Competencies Framework.

Learning Labs

(2-4 hour interactive training sessions)


These training sessions focus on developing the technical knowledge and leadership skill set essential to school improvement. Strategic planning, high quality teaching and learning, effective collaboration and collective problem-solving (conflict resolution and managing challenging conversations, ensuring effective cross-team working, giving and receiving feedback.)

Deep Dives

(1-2 day school review and improvement planning)


This process involves evaluating current practice, gathering evidence from a cross section of the school most often senior and middle leaders, staff, pupils and parents.  The review can be done in partnership with leaders as part of their professional development or most often independently. The report demonstrates impact and can be used to drive future phases of improvement. The focus is a key school improvement priority from the SIP /SDP or recent inspection report.