What We Do

Transform Leadership

Leadership at its best is a form of social influence that’s based on competence and trust. We believe that leadership is defined by the choices leaders make – and we empower leaders to make their choices consciously while navigating the balance between attending to their own needs and vision, the needs of their school or MAT – and the needs of those they lead.

Accelerate Strategic Improvement

School improvement is unrelenting and must be systemic.  Evidence demonstrates that aligning efforts & people behind strategic priorities drives system wide and system deep impact and growth. Strategic execution too often fails for lack of clarity, conflicting priorities, or half-heartedness. We step teams through a systematic process to clarify key strategy elements in a communicable way that supports subsequent decisions and establishes a culture of effective change management.

Secure Effective Teaching & Standards

The quality of teaching and the learning experience are the most important factors in determining student outcomes. Based on the strongest evidence of improving pupil attainment we develop teachers’ technical knowledge, including their ability to understand how students think about a subject and identify common misconceptions and the quality of pedagogy, which includes using strategies like effective questioning and the use of assessment.

Close the Gap for Disadvantage Students

Poverty is not fixed, a disability or low ability. We are dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement, ensuring that children from all backgrounds can fulfil their potential and make the most of their talents. We identify fit for purpose approaches that address the needs of disadvantaged children in context accelerating their progress and evaluate impact to extend and secure the evidence on what works.