Secure Effective Teaching, Learning & Standards

Examples of recent work include:

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  • In-depth coaching to deepen teachers’ understanding of outstanding classroom practice – structured opportunities to reflect on teaching approaches, their quality and impact consolidating new knowledge and skills, and focusing on what makes teaching and learning outstanding
  • Creating a proactive school culture where the quality of teaching and learning is openly observed, discussed, challenged and enhanced
  • Using data to identify gaps, set targets and inform action through rigorous, robust and effective tracking of progress
  • Supporting a wide range of teaching activities, engaging in learning, challenging learning, assessment and differentiation strategies
  • Enhancing professional knowledge, skills and practice through specialist development workshops
  • Reviewing school systems to reduce in school variation every classroom consistently successful
  • Building positive relationships and learning environments to support sustained improvements in the quality of teaching
  • Introducing the The Learning Conversation approach to develop an ongoing dialogue with learners about their progress and preferences in learning. (It combines a more precise and effective language for learning with a form of conversation in which coach and learners are partners in a dialogue about learning)
  • Improving the use of thinking skills so that teachers and pupils look beyond subject confines to transfer of learning across subjects and to other aspects of pupils lives.